Grow your business with noodles that delight your customers

Many businesses and restaurants struggle to offer noodles that exceed their customers’ expectations. At Yamato, we help you make your own craft noodles that are as good as your customers frequently crave. So, you can have a growing number of raving fans who help your business thrive by spreading good words about your noodles.


We are all about our customers’ long term successes.
We help our customers be equipped with the latest hardware and software, aimed at delighting their customers with superb noodles.
To dedicate ourselves continuously to our customers’ successes, we have Yamato Ways that guide us.

Yamato Way

Our mission
Our mission is to spread delicious Japanese noodle culture all over the world and make people all over the world happy with Japanese delicious noodle culture.

Being a company that continues to focus on the happiness and success of our customers and the happiness of the people we work with

Being a company that continues to contribute to people and society related to our business

Our Strategy
The first of our strategies is to become the strongest manufacturing company, which is our greatest strength.

The second strategy is to continue to deepen our food-related know-how and research centered on our strength in noodle-related know-how, and to become the world’s top company in this field.

The third is to become a media company that spreads our strengths in noodles and food know-how around the world.

Lastly we want to become a marketing company that understands people’s needs and can efficiently carry out the above strategies 1 and 2.

Our Vision
To become the world’s top company with Japanese noodle-related noodle making machines, food-related products and know-how related to them

Focusing on customer success and becoming a company aiming for the maximum happiness of customers

To become a company where people of all races and people with the same purpose can enjoy their lives.

To become a company that continues to solve world and social issues in the food industries


To keep our customers successful for a long term, we are obsessed with advancing food cuisines both in hardware and software to empower our customers with evolving food technologies.

ramen noodle making machine

Yamato Noodle Machine

Most advanced noodle machine for restaurant use and small production. Find out how your business can benefit by using one. Schedule for a private demo Take a quiz to find out which machine is best for you

Now, many come to our Singapore school to learn ramen.

Noodle School

At Yamato, we conduct small classes where professionals and non-professionals are taught everything they need to start their own noodle businesses, including production techniques, operation and management.

automatic egg peeling machine

GoldenEgg machine

Many businesses struggle with peeling boiled eggs they sell by spending too much time and losing many eggs to damages caused during hand-peeling. GoldenEgg machine helps minimize the waste by automating the job. So, our customers can make more money by minimizing waste and making more boiled eggs.

ramen professional from Japan

Online Noodle Class

Free online Noodle classes taught by noodle experts. You can watch the recordings and new classes coming up on different subjects of noodle cuisines. So, you will be better equipped to make more raving fans for your business.

Test kitchen at our labs to create different types of ramen, udon, soba noodles and dishes

Noodle Master Labs

Over the past 45 years, Yamato has dedicated itself to improving the qualities and types of noodles its production methods create. This blog, noodle master labs discusses a variety of noodle making methods, soup making, knowledge of noodle cuisines, etc.

private noodle machine demo

Visit Yamato

We have physical locations in different parts of the world where you can not only check out our noodle machines but also try fresh noodles made on Yamato noodle machines. You can also learn how to make great noodles from scratch.