No skills or experience needed, just your vision.

Special Noodle Events

Yamato Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company for noodle startups, restaurant owners, professional chefs, and those who want to commercially start making superb fresh noodles of the highest quality

One Stop Noodle Business Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions to ensure your success in the world of authentic Japanese and other types of Noodles –

Ramen, Udon, Soba, Wok, Lo Mein, Pasta, Egg noodles, etc.

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Noodle Machines

Most Advanced Noodle Making Machines for restaurants, cafeterias and small production facilities

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Noodle School

Knowledge and skills you need to start and run a successful noodle restaurant/business

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Noodle Master Labs

Information & Expertise on all things Noodles based on fundamental research, decades of experience and centuries of tradition

Noodle Machines

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Ramen Noodle Machines


All-In-One Noodle Machine with Mixer, Rollers/Sheeting, Cutting, and Portioning Functions

  • Versatile, durable and reliable machine that is easy to use by anyone – (NSF/UL/CSA/CE compliant models available)
  • Beyond hardware: Noodle making methods and recipes ensuring consistency and quality of production
  • Continuous technical support and service – helping our customers to remain top noodle masters
  • A ramen machine of choice for production of all types of Ramen/Wok Noodles (from Hakata to Tsukemen, and more)
Udon Noodle Making Machine - SUPER-SHINUCHI

Udon Noodle Machines


A Multi-Functional Udon Machine For Production of Authentic Udon Noodles And Other Types Of Noodles with High Water Content (Soba, Ramen, Pasta, Etc.)

  • Powerful and durable Udon making machine that is intuitive and easy to use by anyone – (NSF/UL/CSA/CE compliant models available)
  • Noodle making methods and recipes allowing for consistent quality of production
  • Continuous support and service – ensuring our customers remain top Noodle Masters
  • Versatility to produce noodles for all types of Sanuki Udon dishes – from Kake and Kamaage to Zaru Udon, and more!

Yamato Noodle School

One unforgettable week that turns even rookie amateurs into full-fledged professionals, and experienced practitioners – into Top noodle Masters:
learn everything about high-quality noodles, soups (e.g. shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce), miso, tonkotsu), flavor oils, toppings, menu development, and business management from the best experts in the field.

  • Making a variety of high quality craft noodles from scratch. Cooking soups and broths from natural additive-free ingredients.
    Preparing and seasoning flavor oils, motodare, toppings from scratch. Arranging complete dishes. Plating and food presentation techniques.
    Developing comprehensive menus of your own.
  • Recipe customization and development according to your specifications
  • Noodle business management competence and know-hows for long term commercial success.

A science-based digital cooking approach, which helps to understand not only hows but also whys of noodle-making, empowers students to maintain consistency of their products and create original recipes.

Three courses available: Ramen School, Udon School, Soba School

Feel free to contact us about Noodle machines, Noodle Schools, Special Events, and everything else related to noodle business.

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