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Seven-day Intensive Training Course

This seven-day course offers technical and managerial know-how to help you create a successful Ramen shop. In just a short time, you will obtain basic knowledge about Ramen noodles, soups and toppings and have the chance to apply it to your own Ramen dishes.
Past experience running a Ramen shop is not necessary. All you need is enthusiasm, and Yamato will fully support you in making the Ramen shop of your dreams.


Lecture Contents

The Basics of Ramen Shop Business Start-up 

1. Goal Setting
2. Concept Planning
3. Menu Planning
4. Staff Training
5. Other

Mr. Fujii, the principal of Yamato Noodle School, who has led a number of start-up noodle shops to success, will give lectures about the Ramen shop business. You will learn what it takes to make a popular Ramen shop, what potential problems could arise, and how to solve them.

Ramen School Student's Bowl

 Hands-on Training

Making Ramen Noodles

During the Ramen boom of the late 90’s, Ramen shops competed to develop the best-tasting Ramen soup. They put a lot of energy into creating original soup and hoped it would make them famous. However, this has become a thing of the past. Today noodles get as much attention as soup, and most popular Ramen shops serve house-made noodles.

People’s Ramen preferences vary by region in Japan. By serving Ramen shops all over Japan, Yamato has accumulated different kinds of Ramen recipes to appeal to every taste. In the Ramen course, you will learn how to make good Ramen noodles by using Yamato´s Ramen noodle-making machines. When you complete the course, you will be able to create ideal and original Ramen dishes that you can serve to your customers with confidence.




Making Ramen Soup

Many popular Ramen shops have their own soup-making secrets that they never want to disclose. While noodle quality is getting more attention among Ramen fans, the flavor of the soup is still extremely important for Ramen dishes. To make your Ramen shop successful, you need a perfect balance between noodles and soup. Yamato offers hands-on training for Ramen soup making. Just by attending the course, you will be able to learn recipes for various kinds of soup and acquire the skills necessary for professional Ramen soup making.  


Making Ramen Toppings

The most typical topping for Ramen is braised or barbecued pork, known as Char-siu. In the Ramen course, you will learn how to cook Char-siu from scratch. You will also learn about other toppings such as Menma (slender strips of pickled bamboo shoots) and boiled and seasoned eggs.

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