Good noodle making machine to be certified under UL, NSF, and CSA standards for the 1st time in the world

Noodle Machines

UL/NSF, CSA Certified Machines

What is UL, NSF and CSA Certification?

UL is a safety standard developed by Underwriters Laboratory in the U.S. Especially, it sets a tough standard for the products that can cause fire. Only the products that passed UL tests are allowed to be sold and used in the U.S. Yamato’s noodle making machines are UL certified.
NSF is a safety standard mainly set for hygiene and to protect labors. CSA is a Canadian standard which is equivalent to UL in the U.S.

What is CE Marking?

CE is a safety standard required for all products that are imported into EU countries. If you are thinking about using Yamato’s machines in an EU member state, consult with us.
In case that you intend to use Yamato’s noodle making machines in North America or Europe, let us know which country you are located. Our staff in charge will explain the detail of requirements. Click here to contact us.

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udon dish with deep fried prawns and rice cases on top

We have been working hard, getting our machines UL, NSF, CSA certified.


Our machines are now listed. 


The main models in ramen and udon noodle are now ready for serious homemade noodle production for the US markets. 
There’s no other noodle making machine, certified under UL and NSF and that makes noodle this good. 

In many States of the US, use of non-UL, -NSF certified food processing equipment is prohibited at a restaurant. 
So, it is often critical to ensure all your equipment are UL and NSF certified. 
We are very excited to announce a few of our major models are ready.  Ready to start making great noodles in the US and Canadian markets.

We offer demonstrations of the models at our branch offices in Japan and a branch in Seoul, Korea. 
Please come visit us to see how they work to make your future business and try the best noodle you’ve ever tasted.

     Highly anticipated, the most advanced udon making machine, S1284US                              The most versatile ramen noodle maker, LM10062IUS
    S1284US  Udon maker - 300 meals/hour                LM10062IUS  Ramen maker - 100 meals/hour

Demonstration movie on all-in-one ramen machine, LM10062I (in Japanese only)